Sunday, 16 January 2011

doodle images for digi stamps

ermmmm, not sure if i can do this but i want to post a couple of my doodles as images for people to obtain for digi stamps.

if any one knows how to do this if these are not obtainable please let me know how

first one  -wooden doors


  1. Hi Tracy,
    I grabbed the wall, and it worked great. I right-clicked on it, it came up in a larger form and then I saved it. So, whatever you did was right.

  2. I am your first follower I think you will have many more Thanks for the digis I grabbed the door and wall. out my Blog if you feel like it.

  3. Tracy, nice images. I grabbed two of them. Thank you.

  4. Hello Tracy, your images look great, its really kind of you to offer them up for crafters! Im relaxing downstairs on my lappy so cant save them right now but hope to come back!

    Had a little look over your blog and hope that your Mam is now much better following her recent illness.

    It took me a while to get into the habit of blogging but I didnt have much else to do with my time :/

    Keep up the good work,
    Keryn :0

  5. Hi Tracy,
    I am a newbie blogger too! Started in October. :) Tried out your digi's and everything worked fine. :) Wish I had them at Halloween. :) I will save them for this year.
    Thanks for sharing and welcome to blogging.

  6. Thanks Tracy! These will be great for backgrounds in my cards. You did a really good job. Keep up the good work!

    Hugs - Jen

  7. Hi Tracy- welcome to the world of blogging! Thanks for the wonderful images- I love the door and the brick wall. Great images!

  8. Tracy, just found your it! Made me laugh out loud about your grumps on Sunday...pop over and see me (if you'd like :)on

  9. Fabulous images, thanks so much.....and welcome to blogland! :-)

  10. OOOOh these are really useful - thanks so much Tracy! found you via free digi downloads site so others might like to take a look -

  11. Thanks so much. These are so versatile.