Sunday, 9 January 2011


it says it all in the title, three things that are annoying me today is my
thread on my sewing machine
bra [yes i know]
my son [bless him]

reasons are- my thread keeps snapping ,yet its the same thing im trying to stich as other day [ reckon got faulty batch of cottons as other colours doing the same, and i cannt remember where i got them from]

my bra's just feel so uncomfy and not right today [ could be because i feel SOooooo blown up for no reason.

my son -well he keeps moving my stuff from around the computer  [ hence that should be my computer] and nicking my pens......denies everything then then pens oddly enough either no show or turn up last where he was doing something.....oh then cluttering my clutter up with his stuff soi icann't get mine near computer and instead of going on his setting re searching all he wants over the web pages i have up..GGRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

feel better for that, thanks for listening...oh and wizler 6 old month kitty stuck his nail in my finger for fun

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  1. You're too funny. I'm glad I came upon your site. Don't worry, you'll get followers. Even those of us with a lot of experience can learn from each other.