Monday, 7 February 2011

i did it again......

missed the dead line for KK's challange................i must try harder this week as the teachers would say.

I do need to tell you about a new punch i purchased the other week on e bay
its called a geo punch and shipped from hong kong, great price and i will get more.'why ! you ask '
well it punches borders-octagon-hexagon-triangle-rectangle.

heres the triangle shape

- iam going to cheat on images here as i am including my missed Kk challange card.
here a piccie of my craft area, i only have a corner in the room but its like a virus and keeps spreading upwards and outwards-regardless of how i try and store my stuff....i even have stock under my bed and in the entrance.

so much so i am trying to have an ellimating session where i use all my old odds and sods and give them to charity using the bags provided by creativity mag.

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