Thursday, 24 March 2011

a verbal ramble

You know when you want to write/do something but youre not quiet sure what-well i have got one of those mind seems to be buzzing with lots of stuff i need to be doing,yet my mind keeps trying to search for good blog candy/card challanges to enter.

i'm restless yet so cream crackered-and i feel like i need deflating and letting it all out [ this may have something to do with a major loss of my mum dying at the end of Feburary, which wasnt expected at all , as she only went into the hospitalat the beggining of this year for a few days.:-(

it seems weird as i havent really emotionally let it out , perhaps cause the funeral isnt until april due to complications in registering her death, then maybe reaklity will hit like a sledge hammer, as i am having to emotionally support my dad who is 74 this year and been married to my mum for 44 years this year..

sorry i have gone all gloomy on ya......

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